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BASI Pilates Academy, Palm Beach, is one of only 10 BASI Pilates Academies in the U.S.  and the only location in the Southeastern United States. Joining BASI  Academies in 40+ countries around the globe, BASI Pilates Academy Palm Beach is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive Pilates Teacher Trainings worldwide since our first training in August 2021, lead by BASI Master Instructor Brandon Gamble.

Situated in the heart of West Palm Beach, the studios are absolutely stunning and just steps to the most gorgeous Florida beaches. Your host, CASA Pilates, is also a key distributor for the entire product line of BASI Systems Pilates equipment.


BASI Pilates Academy, Palm Beach provides Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Programs. Become a certified Pilates Instructor through Body Arts and Science International (BASI™) Comprehensive Teacher Training Program.

All instructors are graduates of the BASI Pilates Academy and are highly experienced in working with the full spectrum of population groups, ages and physical needs.

Pilates Teacher Training

The BASI™ Teacher Training Programs offer a college level learning experience for the serious professional seeking a thorough education in the Pilates method. Designed and developed by Rael Isacowitz M.A., founder and director of BASI, this program is unique in integrating both the art and science of human movement with a contemporary approach to the work of Joseph Pilates.

To get certified to teach Pilates classes with BASI Pilates, the  leader in Pilates teacher training, register today for an upcoming training program!

For info, call BASI Pilates Academy Palm Beach at 561-570-2302, or email us at [email protected].

Upcoming Trainings

MAT PROGRAM: 6 Modules View Info & Register

Begin your journey into the Pilates method covering the complete mat repertoire.

FOUNDATION PROGRAM: 6 Modules View Info & Register 

This Prerequisite for the Graduate Program, furthers your education in  the Pilates method, covering the fundamental principles and basic exercises on the apparatus. Includes the full Mat Program.

GRADUATE PROGRAM: 6 Modules View Info & Register

Explore the intermediate and advanced exercise progressions on all apparatus while expanding your knowledge of Pilates theory and practice.


The ProBridge Program is taken in tandem with the above Foundation and Graduate programs. 



The extensive classical and contemporary repertoire

The full complement of Pilates apparatus

The trailblazing F2 System®

BASI’s universal teaching methodology; the BASI Block System™