BASI Pilates Academy Palm Beach - Florida Pilates Teacher Training

Florida Pilates Teacher Training at BASI Pilates Academy Palm Beach

West Palm Beach, Florida — CASA Pilates Training Center is announcing its accreditation as BASI Pilates Academy Palm Beach. Registrations are now open for the first comprehensive BASI Pilates Teacher Training Programs in Florida, set to start in January of 2022.

BASI Pilates Academy training is prestigious in its category, offering a practical and thorough education in the Pilates method for the serious professional. Designed and developed by Rael Isacowitz, M.A., founder, and director of BASI Pilates, this program is unique in integrating the art and science of human movement and innovation with a contemporary approach to the work of the founder of the method, Joseph Pilates.

Located next to the CASA Pilates Equipment Showroom in the heart of West Palm Beach, and just steps from the most gorgeous beaches, the new state-of-the-art training facility is a haven for Pilates enthusiasts. The studios are fully equipped with the exclusive product line of the BASI System, so that students and trainees have to opportunity to discover the unique benefits of the teaching method.

CASA Pilates CEO, Giulia Ramsey, explains, “We are proud to announce our partnership with BASI Pilates and are excited about providing the U.S. market with the exclusive BASI Systems product line, and we are also looking forward to incorporating the leading BASI Pilates teaching methodologies at our Training Center. Whether you are interested to further your Pilates education or in search of equipment that is incorporating the newest technological advances — BASI offers both.”

BASI Pilates Academy Palm Beach, is one of only six BASI Pilates Academies in the United States, and the only location on the East Coast. Joining BASI Academies in 40+ countries around the globe, BASI Pilates Academy Palm Beach is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive Pilates Teacher Trainings available worldwide.

Teacher Training Programs span the full range of Pilates education from Foundation and Mat, to Graduate and Legacy Programs, all taught by Master Instructors.

Scheduled Programs & Dates:

6 modules of Mat Pilates Courses from January 28 – February 20, 2022

6 modules of Pilates Foundation Courses from January 28 – February 20, 2022

6 modules of Pilates Graduate Courses from March 11 – April 10, 2022

CASA Pilates Equipment is also a key distributor for the entire product line of BASI Systems and the leading source for studio-quality Pilates equipment for professional Pilates studios as well as at-home practitioners. Our motto, “Reform Your Life”, illustrates the company’s goal to help people achieve the unity of a healthy body and mind. CASA Pilates Equipment is the only U.S. retailer that offers Pilates enthusiasts the opportunity to become educated about the range of Pilates equipment from the most respected brands on the market at their showroom in West Palm Beach, Florida.

To learn more about BASI Pilates Academy Palm Beach and CASA Pilates Equipment Showroom & Training Center, please visit call 561-570-2302, or email